Medical Transcription

Our medical transcription solutions gives you the unique advantage of high quality, document consistency, increased physician satisfaction and reduced costs all together along with tapping into our vast pool of highly experienced medical language specialists, thus fully leveraging one of the important layers in the revenue stream.

Transcription Solutions

You get to choose the solution that works best for your organization and we ensure we fully understand very specific requirements of your providers and their operation pattern in order to not only least disrupt the workflow but also to ensure the transition to world-class service is as smooth and help accelerate the revenue cycle by significantly increasing the turnaround time. Options include the flexibility to choose solutions that help reduce transcription costs while making sure even volume fluctuations are accommodated.

Our technology integrates seamlessly into your HER while offering you multiple speech and dictation options.

We have an independent QA team that ensures physicians receive highly accurate reports that meets their need; all this in a secure and HIPAA-compliant environment.

Virtual Scribing

Our Medical Scribing solution offers to free physicians from exhaustive documentation, entering orders or referrals, in turn allowing them to focus on their patients.

Our highly trained and specialized team of scribes document patient encounters from the platform’s mobile app, thus helping physicians increase their face time with their patients in turn enhancing patient care and minimal time spent on anything not directly related to clinical interaction.

“Use of scribes results in lower physician documentation burden and improved efficiency, workflow and patient-physician interaction, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Kaiser Permanente integrated health care organization. The study, “Association of Medical Scribes in Primary Care With Physician Workflow and Patient Experience,” was published in JAMA Internal Medicine.”

We fully understand that there would be different work settings for clinicians and therefore offer multiple options for documentation purposes in order to benefit all involved, i.e., patient, provider and facility.

Asynchronous Medical Scribing

Simply by tapping a button on an Android or iPhone device, physicians can access our experienced medical scribes via the platform.

The eSOne mobile app assists providers to record their patient encounters, which is turn is accessed by our experienced medical scribes who listen and create structured documentation in the EHR for providers to access and review before signing off.

Synchronous Medical Scribing

The synchronous scribing solution allows providers to connect with our experienced medical scribes via the platform in real time, where the medical scribes document the encounter in real time including pre-charting, orders, and more.

Synchronous Medical Scribing Using Third-Party HIPAA-Compliant Software

Real Time & Overnight Scribing

We provide efficient and cost effective scribing solutions to meet all your requirements.

Highly Qualified Professionals

We provide highly qualified and vastly experienced scribes who are well versed in their roles and responsibilities.

Cost-effective Solutions

We offer cost effective monthly packages as well as flexible on-demand packages to suit your specific requirements.

HIPAA Compliant

All scribes are trained extensively on HIPAA requirements and also undergo periodic internal recertification.