Medical Coding

Our coding solutions provide your team with an efficient and cost effective system to ensure reduced reimbursement timelines, claim denials, and billing errors; in turn increasing your revenue.

Medical coding converts diagnoses, procedures, medical services, and equipment to universally accepted alphanumeric codes. Medical coding professionals help ensure the codes are applied correctly during the medical billing process, which includes abstracting the information from documentation, assigning the appropriate codes, and creating an accurate claim to be paid by insurance carriers.

“Medical code is a common language, mandated by the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), that allows hospitals, providers, and payers to communicate easily and consistently. Nearly all private health information is kept digitally and rests on the codes being assigned..” – AAPC

Improve Claims Process

We provide efficient and cost effective coding solutions to ensure reduced reimbursement timelines, claim denials and billing errors, resulting in increased revenues.

Highly Qualified Professionals

We provide highly qualified and vastly experienced, certified professional coders who are well versed in all aspects of coding.

Value Beyond Costs

  • Timely reimbursements
  • Arrest leakage in revenue
  • On-demand certified coders

HIPAA Compliant

All coders are trained extensively on HIPAA requirements and also undergo periodic internal recertification.


Seamlessly integrates into most EHRs

Value proposition

Healthcare is one of the most regulated and highly-competitive sectors. Keeping up with the growing demand for high-quality, affordable services requires healthcare businesses to do a bit more. To face challenges like maximising resources while delivering quality care to patients, healthcare providers outsource some processes to trusted service providers; this is where we come in.

We leverage the global talent pool to provide cost-effective, high-quality service in the healthcare space.

A few indisputable advantages of using a service provider!

Stability and Predictable Operations

Helps cut down administrative costs while boosting efficiency. Helps stabilise your business and establish predictable daily operations, which also helps in long-term business planning.

Reduce Capex

The burden of capex required for upgrading, replacing and maintaining technology shifts to the service provider.

Acquire Talent

You get a broader talent pool, including the flexibility to recruit offshore talent.

Level Playing Field

Helps level the playing field among smaller healthcare providers. These organisations can now access a wealth of talent that would not have been possible in-house for various reasons like lack of budget and space.

Focus on Core Business

Flexibility offered by outsourcing significantly empowers businesses to scale their operations, remain agile, and meet any unforeseen circumstances like a pandemic with minimal business or financial disruptions and focus on their core business.

How We Can Be Your Best Partner


Trusted pool of talented personnel who can help solve any problem, issue or concern that arises in your business.


At SanPra Healthcare Services LLC , we use advanced technology and systems to empower your business at affordable costs. We are an agile organisation that stays relevant and up-to-date to make sur.e you do too.


Open communication with our clients to ensure we understand your current business needs and scalability requirements in the future. This enables us to guide you in the appropriate up-gradation of both technology and services as per your business needs.


We are proud of our sophisticated technology and understand the risk of data and privacy breaches in the healthcare industry. Our IT services are well-versed in cybersecurity and threat assessment, keeping your business safe and protected from ingenious criminals who might want to hack into your data.


We have no hidden costs. We offer transparency in all our initial estimates. We follow a strict, all-inclusive contract policy that includes the scope of work to cost estimates.


We promise to uphold the quality of services we provide and help solve common bottlenecks in healthcare businesses and streamline processes like cash flows, process flows, reducing billing queues and documentation.