Ruchika Sharma, the Managing Partner of SANPRA Healthcare Services, LLC, is an exceptional leader based in San Francisco,California. With a visionary approach, she guides the organization in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape. Her collaborative leadership fosters teamwork, while her continuous learning and strategic partnerships enhance service delivery.

Ruchika Sharma is also well-known in American media for having interviewed top dignitaries. Additionally, she holds a Guinness World Record for face yoga, emphasizing her commitment to holistic well-being. Under her leadership, SANPRA Healthcare Services, LLC delivers top-quality Medical Transcription and Healthcare Services with a flexible turnaround time, making it a trusted name in the industry.


A very dynamic and forward-thinking leader, Sanjay brings with him a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic leadership to drive the organization towards success.

With a solid foundation as a software engineer, Sanjay who is the driving force behind Sanpra has an unwavering commitment to the company’s philosophy, mission, strategy, and annual goals.  With his exceptional ability to identify emerging trends, anticipate industry shifts, and stay ahead of the curve, the company is able to leverage these traits to chart a course for Sanpra’s success in a rapidly changing business environment.

By recognizing the importance of strong alliances, Sanjay actively cultivates relationships with key stakeholders, partners, and customers by fostering a culture of trust, integrity, and transparency which in turn nurtures long-term partnerships that drive mutual growth and prosperity.

Sanjay’s philanthropic engagements take away most of his free time if not travelling; both of which he thoroughly enjoys.


Santhosh Kumar, with over 20 years of experience in the Healthcare space, is committed to use his experience in helping Organizations significantly improve their overall efficiencies by way of leveraging technology and top talent, which dovetails into the physician and patient connect.

With his “strong customer focus” approach, his prior experience involved him playing a key role in a start-up (Focus Informatics Pvt. Ltd.) that grew to be the best in KLAS rankings and eventually being acquired by Nuance, where he held a number of operational leadership roles, heading Operations in India for close to a decade. His keen focus on “right fit” model for each customer blends well with his enterprising leadership in leading large scale operations involving multinational teams.

Aside of work, Santhosh is passionate about animal welfare and spends his free time on travel, music and renovation of vintage motorcycles.